ORBIT720 A sneeze guard is helping to avoid the COVID-19 pandemic. If you want to install this sneeze guard post in your office, hotel, restaurant, or your workplace then contact HATCO sneezeguard service. It has varied by glass angles. Model of ORBIT720 is providing standard features like tempered glass panels with the ground and polished […]


B-950P-GLASS You are safe with this model of B-950P-Glass sneeze guard products. HATCO Sneezeguards providing the best restaurant sneeze guards services. Which are you get many options in this glass model like radiused corners, brushed stainless steel, pivoting glass panels, LED lighting with an optional battery pack. Adjustable to multiple mountain points for legs. It […]


ALLINONE Model ALLIN1 is the same as portable sneeze guards. Which is 3 joints with 360º freedom with locking points every 15º. It’s adjustable to a suitable height setup. This model used plexiglass with polished edges, you can use push-button joints with patent pending. Easy to install in your office, restaurant, hotels and make to […]


ORBIT360 ORBIT -360 is adjustable to rotate many angle Self-Service, sneeze guards. Easy to install on the table in your office, restaurant, hotel areas. It’s may be 1 Bay, 2 Bay, 3 Bay, and 4 Bay. This sneeze guard has a standard flange with cover and above & below counter compression. This model use cleared […]


B950-Swivel The model of B-950-SWIVEL is similar to the B950, but with an extra angle of degree rotational. And some features have stainless steel, end return panels, LED lighting, and a strong base flange. This model has been done with bracket heads swivel to accommodate turns. Sneeze guard regulations make to safe from germs & […]


B950 It’s a fully adjustable Self-Service glass sneeze guards system. Make to mid-shelf adjustable arms and fixed height with your suitable. This is flexible to the desired angle and end return panels. It has good quality glass with radiused corners and stainless steel finishing and powder coated black with stainless accents. Can change height and […]


ES92 With this model protect yourself from germs and viruses in public areas. It’s a double-sided Self-Service food sneeze guards system. Easy to install on your food counter table and serve to itself. ES92 model has only rounded glass corners and good looking with LED lighting and end panels. Due to portability and durability, these […]


ES82 It’s a double-sided Self-Service sneeze guard with 2 bay end panels. Install on the table in your restaurant, hotels, and buffet system. Easy to use from both sides for salad bar sneeze guard. It’s has a strong base flange and end panels with an LED light bar and flange canopy covers. In this ES82 […]


ES73 This is a 2 bay with end panels sneeze guard model. Easy to install in your restaurant, hotel, or buffet sneeze guards. It’s has a strong base flange that is fixed on the ground position. This model ES73 has a good option like an LED light bar, flange canopy covers, end panels. glass corners […]


EP950-ACRYLIC Model of EP-950-ACRYLIC is used for food guards to outside areas. Adjustable for multiple mounting points for legs and retractable stabilizers. The front glass is used with an acrylic lens and the same features as the model of EP950. It’s a two-sided Self-Service system with brushed stainless steel, and powder coat black with stainless […]