This is a 2 bay with end panels sneeze guard model. Easy to install in your restaurant, hotel, or buffet sneeze guards. It’s has a strong base flange that is fixed on the ground position. This model ES73 has a good option like an LED light bar, flange canopy covers, end panels. glass corners are rounded or square with clear tempered glass with polished edges. It’s a Self-Service sneeze guard with an over shelf. The mounting point is centered so it must be set near the front of a counter that has a tray slide, or farther back on a counter which does not. Tubing – 1″, Flange size – 2″, Height – 29-3/4″, Depth – 0, Finishes – Brushed stainless steel and coated black, Front Glass – 1/4″ clear tempered with either square polished corners or 3/4″ radiused corners, Top Glass – 0. HATCO sneezeguards has also manufacturing nsf sneeze guard which is mostly used like ice cream counter bar and etc.