Make to safe your food counter with this model ES40 of buffet sneeze guard. This model used glass types of clear tempered with square polished corners or radiused corners. It makes it secure from human sneeze bacteria. Easy to install at the desired position, and mid-shelf adjustable arms. It’s has a strong base flange. It’s a Self-Service sneeze guard with an over shelf. The mounting point is centered so it must be set near the front of a counter that has a tray slide, or farther back on a counter which does not. This is install as bain marie guard for food safety. It’s have Tubing – 1″, Flange size – 2″, Height 23-3/4″, Depth – 0, Finishes – Brushed stainless steel and coated black, Glass – 1/4 clear tempered with either square polished corners or 3/4″ radiused corners.