This type of sneeze guards has good finishing with round corners and square corners. You can face in this glass guards LED light bar, optional side mountain bracket, mid-shelf adjustable arms, ring glass brackets, factory install at any angle, locking points every 15º. Tubing – 1″, Flange size – 2″, Height – standard 12″, 18″, 22″ or 25″. Custom from 8″ – 42″. Finishes – brushed stainless steel, brushed aluminum and coated black. Glass – 1/4″ clear tempered with eight square polished corners or 3/4″ radiused corners. EP5-RING is our patented adjustable angle vertical glass partition. If your not sure of the counter angle or you want to follow a radius counter top, well then this is your model. The EP-5 RING can adjust it’s angle on the fly from 90° to 270° for quick in the field changes .