Make sure of pandemic-free areas for your hotels, restaurants, etc with an easy install food sneeze guard. When you install this model EP22 you and your employee will be safe with these qualities like clear tempered glass, polished stainless steel. Its glass has a good quality of rounded corner and square corners, adjustable face panels, locking points every 15º, and end panels. This EP22 model is an over-shelf sneeze guard with additional rear supports. Tubing – 1″, Flange size – 2″, Height – 17-1/4″, Finishes – Brushed stainless steel and coated black, Glass – 1/4″ clear tempered with either square polished corners or 3/4″ radiused corners. For keeping everything updated and sanitized, HATCO Sneezeguards provides high-quality and affordable brass sneeze guards for buffet tables that effectively prevents respiratory droplets from affecting customers.