It’s a fully adjustable Self-Service glass sneeze guards system. Make to mid-shelf adjustable arms and fixed height with your suitable. This is flexible to the desired angle and end return panels. It has good quality glass with radiused corners and stainless steel finishing and powder coated black with stainless accents. Can change height and glass tilt, and the glass has two sets of mounting holes. Can be used on counters with or without a tray slide. We have a new model brass guard sneeze guards that naturally offer a perfect dimension as you could ever need. Take advantage of our perfect products by providing custom dimensions and specifications according to your project. Tubing – 1-1/2″ round, Flange size – 2″ wide by 3″ long (rotable), Height – adjustable, Depth – 0, Finishes – Brushed stainless steel and coated black with stainless accents, Front Glass – 3/8″ clear tempered glass, Top Glass – 0.