You are safe with this model of B-950P-Glass sneeze guard products. HATCO Sneezeguards providing the best restaurant sneeze guards services. Which are you get many options in this glass model like radiused corners, brushed stainless steel, pivoting glass panels, LED lighting with an optional battery pack. Adjustable to multiple mountain points for legs. It has acrylic end panels for custom laser cut, can be added or removed as needed, lock base plate. For the restaurants portable sneezeguard are very suitable. B-950P-Glass: A portable sneeze guard with an adjustable glass face and retractable stabilizers. The posts can be permanently mounted to a countertop. In the recent pandemic, the food industry has changed a lot in terms of sanitation and protection. These days, restaurant owners are taking every possible measure to protect visitors and customers. Features of this model are – Tubing – 1-1/2″ round (powder-coated black) with 1″ arms in brushed stainless steel, Flange size – 2″x14″ with adjustable support feet, height-adjustable, Depth – 0, Finishes – Brushed stainless steel, and coated black with stainless accents, Front Glass – 3/8″ clear tempered, Top Glass – none.