Model ED20 acrylic sneeze guard designed to protected people or food from the respiratory droplet. These sneeze guards can protect from germs in critical areas. It has multiple mid-shelf adjustable arms and LED lighting options. The best quality of this glass guard has cleared tempered glass with a polished edge. Their manufacturing is finished with brushing stainless still. ED20 model is a fully customizable display case with mid-shelves, commonly used in pizzerias. Has a lead time on glass, as we manufacture it based on your counter size. Also available to all glass sneeze guard kits. Tubing -1″, Flange size – 2″, Height – from 12″ – 30″, Depth – from 12″ – 36″, Finishes – Brushed stainless steel and coated black, Front Glass – 3/8″ clear tempered with polished edges, Top Glass – 3/8″ clear tempered with polished edges.